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Weekdays: $15.00 /per night per person.
Weekends: $40.00 / 2 nights per person.
Minimum charge per night Weekdays is $300.00 if under 20 people stay. Weekends Minimum is $350 if under 18 people stay - Under 5 year old children are free.

Please note: We are able to provide these affordable facilities because the Camp Users clean the facilities and grounds thoroughly prior to departure.

  I have read the terms and conditions of hire.*

Terms and Conditions

Groups hiring the Waitawheta Camp facilities agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Arrival/ Departure: Check in after 3pm. Check out before 12 noon.
  • Cancellations: Must be made within one calendar month of the occupancy date. Refunds will be made at the discretion of the management and committee.
  • What to bring: Bedding, Toilet Paper, Toiletries, Rubbish Bags, Dishwashing Liquid and Brushes, Tea Towels, and anything else you may want to use (Paper Towels, Hand Towels etc.)
  • Responsibility: All groups must have an on-site adult Group Leader responsible for their member’s general behaviour, for breakages or damage to property during the time of occupancy. Every care must be taken by groups to avoid damage to buildings and contents. Damage is to be reported to Caretakers.
  • Cleaning: The Camp must be thoroughly cleaned before departure. A checklist will be provided. Cleaning gear and cloths are provided by the camp. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if cleaning is not done to a sufficient standard.
  • Keys: The Camp Caretaker will issue Keys and Checklist to the Group Leader to be returned on the morning of departure with Group numbers.
  • No loud noise or music permitted after midnight.
  • Groups must make themselves conversant with the fire emergency procedures, fire exits, location of the fire pumps. Fire drill practice must be carried out.
  • Candles, matches and all naked lights are strictly prohibited in all the buildings.
  • No smoking in buildings. Fireworks by permission only and not during a Fire Ban. The lighting of fires is permitted in the places provided only, and no fire is to be left unattended. Check fire bans prior to your camp stay.
  • The Committee reserves the right to refuse any group of booking.
  • Animals are not permitted at the camp.
  • The Client agrees to accept all risks, and will not hold Waitawheta Camp Society Incorporated, or any of their employees or agents responsible or make any claim against them (including claims arising from negligence) for any direct or indirect injury or damage to the Client or its property. The Client agrees that any claim in respect of any damage and/or injury to other persons and/or property is its responsibility and not the responsibility of Waitawheta Camp Society Incorporated or their employees or agents and hereby indemnify Waitawheta Camp Society Incorporated against any loss, damage or claim whatsoever arising against them. The client must provide their own medical and/ or travel insurance to cover their expenses in cases of unforeseen circumstances. The client must provide any medical details that may adversely affect their participation (e.g. asthma, pregnancy, chronic conditions) at the time of booking, so that we may discuss contingency planning with you. This hire agreement is governed in all respects by the laws of New Zealand and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New Zealand. Visitors to New Zealand must have full insurance due to limited ACC cover. The Client accepts that kayaking, cycling and associated activities have inherent risks, and can be dangerous. The Client understands that these risks include (but are not limited to): illness, navigational difficulties, rough riding conditions, poor weather, and collisions, all of which may occur in isolated areas. The Client accepts all responsibility and liability for ensuring their own safety. Waitawheta Camp Society Incorporated reserve the right to withdraw any person who it believes is likely to be a danger to themselves or others.